Ground Automatic Swimming

By · Friday, November 27th, 2009

Ground Automatic Swimming
It sells for about 27 feet above ground swimming pool?

I have a 27 foot above ground pool swimming (3 years) I'm trying to sell. It is in very good condition with a pump / filter solar and winter covers, and accessories such as stairs and automatic cleaner. Lining is good now, but you may need to be replaced when knocked down, but no idea. Is $ 1500 too much to ask? $ 1000? $ 500? I'm confused about this.

Dain, I have answered your question about this with your other questions when it comes to your pool as a whole Week 24 feet. I gave it a second thought after publishing, and seeing this message, if you want to sell your pool, or get rid of it, you can publish a used pool equipment. A / pump motor usually runs from 3-400 dollars and the filter may be a few hundred more, but the equipment is used, so if someone to buy it for $ 500 you should consider yourself lucky. Place a complement to the team, and as a bonus pool that can be free. may receive a beneficiary, but refer to my other post where I talked about responsibility. You do not want be held accountable when the group leaves from your yard, so something would happen in 2 weeks, if faultyequipment or improper installation, make sure that only you dont get caught up in it. There is no point trying to make some money back into the pool that is 3 and, after a string of bad luck, that someone will come to knock on their door seeking damages because the ladder or steps failed and someone was injured. Of course it could be the new owner of the installation of equipment improperly, and has no control over it, but is it really worth the trouble? Sell your used equipment, people will buy it. Especially now where people go to have equipment failures and problems last winter, and decommission the pool and put it on the side of the road, ensure that someone is loaded and remove it, even if no computer.

Care & Maintenance Tips for Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner : Remove Pods from Pool Cleaner

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