Ground Auto Pool

By · Friday, September 25th, 2009

Ground Auto Pool
Why is the "Barracuda G4 pool cleaner say its ONLY in ground pools?

I have a pool on land and have proven few different machines with no luck cleaner. My father has a pool built and uses a Barracuda G3, which does a great job. I went to the website of Barracuda and wants either a G3 or G4, but say its ONLY for pools built. Does anyone know why can not I use a G3 or G4 Barracuda for an above ground pool? Does anyone using an above ground car cleaner than just love? I have a 15×33 oval above ground pool. Http: / / <- Barracuda G4 Product info

It is similar in concept to Krawly Kreepy. Is designed to scale the walls of a pool on the ground. The main difference is that there is not a gradual slope (a Sometimes two angles of 45 degrees) between the walls and floor of a swimming pool on the floor. It is designed to hit this and continue (to climb all the way to the line of float.) On a pool on the ground, usually in wall-to-ground is an angle of 90 degrees. You probably already know that, but the problem is that the cleaner they get stuck and abnormal wear if he hit the wall and could not continue. (As you would in a pool above the ground) That's no guarantee. (The rings similar to the future above ground cleaning products on that page to avoid getting stuck on walls.) As far as clean as possible to work for you, a lot depends on what kind waste received at the pool and its powerful filter system is, etc. I use a Hayward Aquacritter round mine (21), and works very well for me (with the can of leaves optional and have a bunch of leaves in my pool.) pers: As far as my statement about voiding the warranty to be "junk", they say that for the manufacturer and see what they think. (Never mind that it says right at the link you provided.) That have had experience in this area … manufacturers look out for any expenses unnecessary money (as in paying the warranty claims that they feel they should not), as well as anyone. If you use your product for other than its intended use, MFG not. going to cover that under warranty. (At least that's the way it is here in the United States.) Will be able to tell by the wear on the drive that was not used as intended. (You can give after an extended struggle, but worth it.) And you can use a built-in pool cleaner on earth "? Try with a Hayward pool vacuum, for example, and see what happens … (The embedded version of my Aquacritter, which, as barracudas are essentially identical in the interior.) The difference is in the ring that allows aquacritter turn when it hits a wall of the pool. Oh … and the price of Pool Vac is usually about twice that of Aquacritter. It looks like another good reason for me not to use a built-in pool cleaner on the surface. (Unless someone likes to spend much more for things like sell …. O things more expensive.) As important as any obstruction on the floor are the angles between the walls and floor of the pool. Some cleaners may be able to operate correctly on both, but most will not.

Care & Maintenance Tips for Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner : How to Remove Bumper Guards from Pool Cleaner

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