Devil Above Ground

By · Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Devil Above Ground

Do you have a plan to do any canning? Well, we all know is a process of putting canned food in cans or jars for preservation. And an example is the canning peppers recipe. And you can do on your own if you have your equipment with you. Its easy. You just follow the instructions carefully.

Today, many products are introduced to us by the various industries. And they are kept inside the cans or bottles. Not only smoked foods are preserved but they also have the heat of peppers canned recipe. The flavor of this recipe is that up to you if you prefer hot or not. So if you know what you like its up to you to add extra ingredients, like chili powder or whatever ingredients you want. But above all, there are plenty of things you should know and remember. Since things that are used canning in a pressure cooker (12 qt. Ability or more) canning jars and new lids and rings, a jar lifter that is used to pull the hot jars after processing and packing funnel. And if you have all things in you, then you can now begin to make the recipe.

In preparing the canned chili recipe they need the following ingredients such as beef 5 pounds of dirt, 2 cups chopped onion, 1 clove crushed garlic, 6 cups canned tomatoes and juice, oe cup chili powder, 1 tablespoon of OE. salt, 1 red hot pepper and finely chopped 1 tsp. Cumin seeds. These are the following ingredients that are needed to a recipe for hot pepper. The ingredients listed above can be changed if you prefer to add an extra few cloves of garlic and chili pepper other but it depends on how hot the peppers are or what you like. And sometimes you can also add OE cup cider vinegar and a fairly large amount of tablespoons of tomato sauce and using 2 tsp. cumin for seasoning. By adding other ingredients that helps a bit to stay warm.

Instructions for canning peppers recipe as follows:

1. At the bottom of a large pot, ground beef, onion and garlic should be cooked until golden brown. Must be drained so that the fat will decrease. So high fat can not be included in the cans, since it has a tendency to cause greater proportion of container seals is why it fails during the process.

2. Add remaining ingredients and reduce heat when boiled. Continue cooking about 20 minutes. Remove the floating fat.

3. Meanwhile, prepare a pressure cooker with a number of inches of boiling water. Clean jars in boiling water or maybe can be washed in the dishwasher, but only if your dishwasher has a Sani-cycle, the better.

4. Place the jar lids with hot water and do it when ready to use.

5. Fill hot jars, one by one, must have at least 1 inch headspace. Free space is the AMT. space b / w cover and chili. Remove air bubbles from the mixture, if using a plastic knife or either a straw or may be a puppet of plastic that has the ball.

6. Cleaning the edges of the jars with a dry paper towel, so they are perfectly clean to be stamped as well. Put the lid and tighten the ring until the point of resistance is met. Place the jar in boiling water in the pot, and continue to fill the jars remaining until all be used.

7. Put the lid on the pot, but leave the tap open or if you are using a weighted-gauge pot, do not put on weight during 10 min. It is necessary to vent a pressure cooker, so that no air bags in the pot during the process. After 10 min. ventilation off the tap or the position the weighted gauge. Do not start now until the indicator starts to rock 2-3 times a min., Or if you are using a pot of line width, when the pressure rises to 10 lbs.

8. Begin timing. Processing pint jars is 1 hour. 15 min. or Qt. jars is for 1 hour. 30 min. long. If you are in a higher elevation of 2,000 feet, contact your USDA extension service about adjusting processing times for lifting.

9. When the processing time is completed, let the pressure canner to cool for at least 30 min. and remove the weight indicator. After pressure is 0 psi pounds or (the meter line, or steam does not escape after the weight is removed), then it is time to remove the security cover. Faced with the lid off you as it is removed. Be careful with steam. Bottles Let stand at least 5 min. in the pan, then remove using the jar lifter to a draft free spot and allow to cool at least 24 hours. then remove the rings and wash jars. Try tapping the lids with a metal spoon you hear a ringing sound. And if you hear a thud from a jar it does not sound like the other, break the seal and put the jar in the refrigerator and use within a few days or reprocess within 24 hrs. A new cap should be used.

Canning chili recipe is very easy when you follow the instructions carefully. So treat your home canned chili to serve your family at any time.

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