Cleaner Booster Pump

By · Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Cleaner Booster Pump
The brakes act ?!?!? funny

work very well once they have been primed, as in pumping a couple of times and then left the vehicle on a dime, but I Bled the system many times and have achieved nothing but the fluid away from the bleeding. The pump up and stay tough if you keep the foot in it and works even better with the engine, vacuum booster, but either way the pedal goes to floor and then pumps the second or third time. A lot of liquid Master Cylinder, have everything clean and rebuild the master cylinder, air can still be trapped in the master cylinder, bleeding even after 10 times and is there any way to test the ???????????????????????? Master Cylinder

You have a leak somewhere, the air in the system, or main cylinder defective. Since you did not mention what kind of vehicle, I would check the sequence of bleeding as well. Some vehicles need a scanner to bleed the brakes.

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