Cleaner Battery Brush

By · Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Cleaner Battery Brush

The DM6163 Hoover is a vacuum that is easy unwise move has great suction and does the job. The engine is very quiet and the cleaner comes in a turquoise bright that gives a stylish look smart. Being built almost entirely of plastic is very light making it an ideal choice if you struggle with heavier models or the need for vacuuming up and down stairs. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner so you do not need to keep buying bags of waste and its vertical design makes it easy to move back and forth.

The vacuum comes with a 1600 watt motor and has a built in washable HEPA filter for animal hair and dust allergies. Has edge to edge cleaning mode is ideal for running through walls and comes with a long stretch hose for cleaning stairs. The variable ensures high brush that is suitable for most soil types and a variety of detachable tools make sure you can enter to reach tight spaces.

Besides the points of the Hoover DM6163

Operating expenses

Being a bagless cleaner operating costs are kept down, but you have to buy filters Spare time to time. Belt should be a replacement can be purchased at relatively low prices directly to Hoover.

For more information on the wide selection of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners available visit our website Vacuum Cleaners Reviews.

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