Automatic Inground Pool

By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Automatic Inground Pool

Thinking of buying a vinyl liner swimming pool? Well, here are the disadvantages of this type of purchase.

Vinyl Liner Pool Disadvantages:

Liner Replacements: While online guarantees are usually between 20-30 years, these guarantees are worth very little after the first couple of years because they are very pro-rated. This means the coating loses its value every year. Also, these warranties do not cover labor costs and water for a line replacement. Although the structure of a vinyl liner pool usually takes more than 35 years (assuming that it is a wood-wall structure), the shirt itself will be replaced on average every 8-12 years. In other words, I've seen the vinyl pool owners who have replaced their line 4 times in 20 years and have only replaced once in 20 years. Currently, the cost of replacing line of a buried swimming pool, when put at work, line and the water is about $ 4,000.

Whitening Liner: For users of chlorine in pools, vinyl, so may disappear significantly over time only a few years. What this means is that although the coating can stand, their appearance can be quite terrible, once vanished.

Banks do not match steps and Lining: In most cases, steps and banks of a line group does not match the current line. In other words, say you have a dark blue vinyl liner pool. In order to have the measures and banks, usually the structures of white fiberglass insert and the butts of line-to these units. This lack of uniformity of color can make the aesthetics of the pool suffer a little. In recent years, some manufacturers have begun to overlap the steps and seats with the liner effective to eliminate this problem. This technology is currently used by a few builders, because its difficulty to install properly.

Resale Value: Unlike a fiberglass pool, which is considered the long-term structure without major repairs, vinyl siding pools are frowned upon by some potential buyers. In other words, home buyers are hesitant to buy a house with a vinyl liner pool, because its inevitable costs down the road. In fact, I have seen many cases where a potential buyer requests the home buyer of the house to install a vinyl liner back into the pool as part of the stipulations of the real estate closing transaction.

Coping: A large majority of the vinyl pool builders use aluminum C-theme edge to face the courtyard pool coping. Although the use of a C-track makes the process of pouring concrete around a pool vinyl much easier, but also adversely affects the appearance of the pool. That's why we always recommend to cantilever versus buying a vinyl liner pool.

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