Aquabot Turbo Robotic

By · Friday, September 25th, 2009

Aquabot Turbo Robotic

Cleaning is my most hated household chore, especially if it comes to cleaning the pool, which never seems to be clean anyway, no matter how often or how to clean it thoroughly.

If your yard is surrounded by gardens and trees of various plants as we have, or if you have small children who enjoy throwing "things" in the water and delighting in how fleet while before finally sinking into the abyss that is your pool, then you know exactly what kind of "disorder" I mean.

Unless you have a lid or swim in pure chlorine (which of course you should not do), the water is in the need for constant cleaning, as is always exposed to (take your pick, I think we all) of dust, bird droppings, dogs and people of hair, leaves, mold, mildew and anything else that fall into the water (again, "thrown" is more likely how to describe when children are around), so it is necessary clean more often than I would have imagined the first time I have installed.

I was in the final trial and was thinking of re-purposing the space of our pool was sitting on something less laborious to maintain, when I stumbled upon cleaner Aquabot … Robotic cleaners whose main purpose in life (my Life in reality) was to clean the water! Is not it great?

According to the vendor who gave me the cleaning Aquabot 101, unlike filtration systems ordinarily Aquabot cleaners not only filters the water in your s-pool. In fact they take pride in the cleaning of the water "for aspiring floor, and even walls, absorbing in the process waste, waste that otherwise might simply be glued to the bottom or floating in the water.

The Aquabot pool cleaner model turbo I'm getting is promoted to absorb the debris as small as 2 microns, and I think that there is as little waste!

Other models Aquabot Cleaner line also have remote controls, making the tedious task of cleaning otherwise as easy as pressing a button … Maybe next Once, when it's time for an upgrade for my clean Aquabot.

Aquabot cleaners may cost more than the average vacuum cleaner, but at least you do not have to be in the water to keep their management and operation of the nozzle through the entire length of the floor to get it all clean. You just shoot, literally, in the water and watch it do its job.

Be careful not to throw in the transformer, because if it is not waterproof, which is a little inconvenient, but with its cleaner Aquabot is still much better than cleaning by yourself all the time.

Being in the Swimming Pool Industry for 40 years, Steve Merillat was one of the first people that designed and installed free-form vinyl in-ground pools and pioneered many of the techniques used to this day with regards to their installation. For all of your Swimming Pool Supplies needs, any purchase or information of your Aquabot Pool Cleaners, visit

Aqua Products, Inc. – Aquabot Turbo T-Jet Informational Video

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