Aboveground Pool Cleaner

By · Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Aboveground Pool Cleaner
Pool 33 x 18 on land – How can I care for him?

The pool is full. The pump is installed and ready. The water is green and cloudy. What should I do to get it clean? Vacuum pumps, chemicals? Please give detailed instructions! I'm new to this. Thank you. I would like do it myself.

Your pool sounds sick! I would like to enter a professional to put in order, then take care of conservation since then to me same if I were you. Contrary. Go to store the pool, you probably need to go buy the chemicals anyway. It gives you some good advice about caring for your pool Take a sample of water with you. They have test kits available and tell you what to do immediately to rectify the problem. Hope you can return well stocked with products and advice to get you on your way.

Polaris 65 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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