Above Ground Swimming

By · Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Above Ground Swimming
We are looking to go to salt water for our above ground pool bath – suggestions?

We have a 30 foot round above ground pool swimming and it was suggested we go to salt water instead of all chemicals! Has anyone done this? thanks

I would not recommend the change salt water or sanitation chlorine generator. Answer # 1 sounds like a vendor supplying the pool. They love to sell these things and are very popular, but that does not mean are good. Water should be brought to 3000 ppm salinity for the chlorine generator to work. Did you notice the word genrerator chlorine? The pools are salt chlorine pools disquise, I really want you to think that there is no chlorine in them, but the fact is we still have to maintain the levels of 1-3ppm work properly. You know what? Plain pools age chlorine also are 1-3ppm. Have you ever gone to the beach and out to towling off. The skin starts to crawl – Its the salt! Your amount of salt in each chemical Chlorine is a group of normal, acid to balance the pH, cyanuric acid to protect the chlorine and chlorine mentioned, algecide, which is always likely to be subject dumping chlorine in a swimming pool will be placed in a pool of salt and more. More acid to balance the chlorine, the generator does more cyanuric acid also to protect the small amount of chlorine produced. Answer # 1 mentions not having to download your pool. The chlorine generator chlorine only enough to replace the residual lost since the last filtration career. And not much but it's a proven fact. They are not strong enough to superchlorinate your pool on any section of imagination. But what that superchlorinate button on the unit? All it does is put the cell in producing 100% of a paltry amount of chlorine. You will find that does not work after you paid for it. No more red eyes and itchy skin. These kids want me to think that their units are the magic solution and a cure for maintenance your pool. There are, red eyes are probably caused by much to chloramine or combined chlorine in pool water. This can happen even in a pool of salt! Shocking or superchlorinating chloramine and eliminates the odor associated with chlorine. To add enough liguid chlorine shock to raise 10 times the concentration of the residual measure. For example, is 1 ppm of chlorine increased to 10 ppm. In fact, chlorine does not smell at all concentrations at 1-3ppm. Most people can not smell up to 14 ppm. A bottle of bleach Wiff, its almost 2,000 hours that smell! My advice, save your money, buy a good test kit, read labels and always ask "Why" a lot! Oh, when the flight of his pool of salt Did you ever think that everything is salt water. Do you think it evaporates? No. He goes to the sewer and treatment plant, but are noticing the increased levels of salt in water. Salt is easy to make, but very evpensive remove. A large amount of water that makes the key again! The guys salt should be expelled out of the pool of genes!

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