Test Kit Reagent

By · Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Test Kit Reagent
Whatever happened to Home HBA1c exams?

I used to buy a home diagnostic kit every few months to check my HbA1c. You know – Draws a few drops of blood, mixed with the reagent, and saturate a little digital meter that gives you an HbA1c level estimated at about 2 minutes. Lately I do not think can find the kits. One of the Walgreens near me, where I had teams that took a sample and sent to a lab, but now even those who seem to have disappeared. What?

I did not know they ever existed. You do not really need them, fortunately. All you have to do, to reasonably estimate good, is to check your BGL once in the morning (before eating). Then, after about two hours after eating a meal. If you keep these readings averaged around two months and compare this average with the chart on this page: http://www.rajeun.net/HbA1c_glucose.html you should be very close to what a lab would find. I've tried, and is usually within a few tenths of what the lab says.


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