Swimming Pool Spa

By · Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Swimming Pool Spa

After a long summer to enjoy the big swimming pool above ground, sad to say, but it's time to close it. The boys are back in school and time the night is just a little cooler. Closure of the above ground pool is easy. I would recommend someone to help you.

First you need to ensure you have all your supplies ready:

1. An indoor pool
2. A cable and winch to secure the pool cover
3. Winter Chemicals
4. Winter Plugs
5. A car wash sponge

There are multiple ways to close a pool, but here is the easiest. The drain its pool of 6 inches below the pool skimmer. Add winter chemicals for your pool water and make sure to spread all around the pool. Note: it's best to buy a winter kit that way you do not have to test their chemicals. Once the chemicals have been added gradually was the pool deck throughout the group. Leave the lid to sit on the top of the water and sides (not want to cover that mocks). Now the cable wire in and outside of the washers for instructions cover and tighten the winch cable to secure it. Now you have the cover in place of the car wash sponge in the skimmer box if it fills with water during the winter and freezes. Now in its filtering system to remove all the plugs in your filter and place in the pump basket and put a safe place pump indoors during the winter. Instructions which is very easy and fast.

If you need more help contact your local pool store or visit http://www.swimuniversity.com

For more information about Above Ground Swimming Pools or Small Above Ground Swimming Pools, visit our website by clicking the links.

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