Spa Test Strips

By · Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Spa Test Strips
I just fill my hot tub and began using mineral sanitizer Nature2 Spa …?

I am changing from a system of bromine. I added the base chlorine shock as directed by the dealer to the instillation of a new spa at the Spa Nature2 stick. However, my wife also mistakenly put 4 tablespoons the shock of bromine in the tub … I hope things are balanced, empty the tub and start again, or adjust the minerals and pH levels to take things back in order. My reading test strips in high cholrinde levels, low levels of bromine?

Sorry, the flight of his spa as chlorine and bromine are not compatible. Some also say that once a swimming pool always bromine bromine. You are welcome!

Pool and spa test strips.mp4

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