Salt Test Strips

By · Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Salt Test Strips
Help! GH, PH, and nitrite all high!?

I use 5 in 1 test strips: Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 1.0 GH 150 KH: 180 PH: 8.4. I take salt hand aquarium, tank soft, safe water, easy balance, and ZYME stress. I think my poor fish are dying, but ADF is housed mainly in the higher and their colors are OK. I've only had this tank set up about a week and it seems that I keep having problems, getting very discouraged. I've had the prime of ammonia and water is mostly clear. Any advice (Nice, please) or more questions, please let me know.

Do not worry yet. First readings are not so bad. First, the tank has yet to complete what they call up on a bicycle. This is where the bacteria accumulates to care for added waste produced by fish. Usually this is done without fish in the tank, however it does now with the addition of fish an extra burden on the biofilter. Nitrates lower 40 is fine, but everyone in the world, using the test strip is read as 0 is where the "test strip for dummies" comes into play. Most strips not even register until successful nitrates 30-40. So they are very good. What about ammonia? What is reading? It is likely if your nitrates are 20 ammonia is about 1.5. A water change of 25% is really necessary. His toughness is really a good and KH of 180 is not a PH of 8.4 more a 8 although depending on your computer, but is 8, which is fine for most fish. DO NOT ATTEMPT to adjust. Your fish will be better at a pH of 8 or 8.4 to try changing the pH. Forget the salt will make your tank is not good and quickly withdrew carbon filters BY. The less you add to your tank of the richest are the fishes. Relax, you are not having problems yet. Do not be discouraged. your tank simply run its launch cycle. Here is a good link to read and understand why the peaks of ammonia and exactly what is happening in the tank launched during this cycle. You are almost through the worst part of a startup. Your fish has gone through a lot in recent days. help him out by making a change of 25% water. This will drop the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. you do not need salt, soft tank, water safe and easy to manage the tension Zime. Use only the aqua safe. This contains everything others we have here. Remember that the less chemicals you put in, unless your filter needs to retire. A water conditioner as good quality or novaaqua AquaSafe + Are all you need just one. No more. So far so good. the fish is just going through some stress right now. Change your water and feels better soon. If you need further assistance, please email me.

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