Salt Chlorine Generator

By · Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Salt Chlorine Generator

With the days growing colder, now is the time to think about how to prepare your pool for winter.

Just because it's cool, does not mean you should leave your swimming pool outside and stagnant during the colder months.

With minimal effort you can ensure your pool is maintained clean and beautiful and ready to dive in when it's good time by following these simple tips:

1. Keep it clean

Give your pool a good scrub and vacuum to get rid of dead leaves and debris to keep your pool crystal Going green in the winter.

Algae thrive in dirty water so it is important to keep the skimmer basket clean and free of debris and keeping the pool filter clean and oiled.

Use concentrated cleaning the filter to keep dirt from your pool filter and free of debris with minimal effort, and add a winter-long life algaecide and remover phosphate, such as Long Life Algaecide and phosphate Ultimate Remover to kill algae and stop blooming.

It is also recommended to add a Tab Clear once a month for the skimmer box to achieve optimum water clarity and improve filtration.

2. Check your balance

Prevention is better than cure, and water balanced pool not only keep your pool water healthy, but also extend your swimming pool to end and prevent exposed metal and equipment from damage due to unbalanced water.

Check the pH and chlorine levels once a week for test account or take a water sample from your local professional pool protect your pool against corrosion, scale buildup, and also the growth of algae that thrive in pools overheated. Even in winter, you must take a sample to your professional pool once a month to test for all other factors such as total alkalinity and calcium hardness.

3. Check chlorine levels

To keep your pool clean and clear is important to maintain a clear 'their pool of "levels of chlorine at a constant level of two to three parts per million (PPM) at all times during the winter.

If using a chlorine generator, salt and a blanket by the pool, remember to reduce the from chlorination off one to two ppm, such as blankets and pool chemicals chlorine trap, and can cause high levels of chlorine damage incurred as a result significant at the pool equipment if not monitored carefully.

4. Reduce your time

Instead of turning off the pool equipment during winter, homeowners should reduce the pool filter timer to run 2 / 3 of the time to continue filtering the water, and kept clean and free of debris. Change filter off-peak hours to save some money. A great tip to save money that we are all happy to receive!

5. Remove from your pool clean

If you do not want to use the automatic pool cleaner in winter, remove it from the pool and keep it with the hose lying ready for use in the summer.

Should you decide to continue using the pool cleaner under a blanket, it is absolutely important to maintain chlorine levels at least as Otherwise you might end up with a nasty surprise when you take your cover off when heated. Automatic pool cleaners can be seriously damaged if left in water, under a blanket during winter pool.

6. Keep a maintenance program

Once you have completed your preparation for winter is essential to adhere to a maintenance program even though it's cold and the pool is not being used. Once a week make a quick visual inspection your pool and make sure all your equipment working properly, check the water level, empty the skimmer basket and check your pH and chlorine levels. Remember, a little effort to maintain its sparkling pool during the winter could save you time and money when the warm weather arrives.

For a comprehensive video tutorial on preparing pool for winter and even more great tips, be sure to and tune in to the Pool School videos available.

Chelsi, writes on a range of topics related to the Australian market, coming into to winter pool maintenance is on everyones mind – Learn more about Winter Pool Maintenance here.

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