Pool Spa Test

By · Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Pool Spa Test

This summer, my wife finally convinced me to buy a small above ground pool for my youngest daughter. (Ok, the truth is that she got tired of waiting for me, and I went and bought one himself) I admit I was reluctant to buy one, especially because I was too lazy to level the ground.

I must say that it was easier and more faster than I thought it would and my daughter who is 9 has been every day now for 2 weeks. She is, at least, very happy and had friends come every day. We're in kind of concern in what will be done with it during the summer holidays because they go anywhere this summer. To my surprise, my older daughter who is 15 has been also goofing on it with your friends, everyone seems to enjoy it on hot days. The older girls do not try to swim in it, mostly sitting on chairs floating and talking. Fun for them I guess, and it is cooling and a large area of tanning.

I bought the 36 "X 12 ft intex easy set above ground pool. It sounds great, but you'd be surprised. I have 28 inches of water in it and anything that can float a large group can. 4 kids fit very comfortable playing and I've seen 6 teenagers sitting on it like a hot tub.

The most important part of the installation is leveling the field. This must be as near as perfect as possible. Do not place in the sand or loose soil that has been in the grass or hardpan. The reason for the slope is not because the sides are smooth as could roll over on itself with the water pressure is leaning to one side. The installation instructions say to do an area about 12 meters in diameter. I found that you need 14 feet, because the sides protrude.

The pool intex took 6 hours to fill with a garden hose. The pump is reached with 5 minutes to install. The chemicals, mainly chlorine and shockit took 5 minutes but could not swim in it until the next day. You need to buy a pH test kit and chlorine water levels to keep it clean all summer. The test kit only cost me $ 6. I found the walls to be stronger than originally thought. The top of the inflated ring filled in minutes with a bicycle pump. I did put a tarp under it just incase I missed a branch or other sharp object into the grass.

A reverse I've found is you still need to buy a small network to clean it every day. Small pieces of grass and leaves seem to find there way into the water. Yesterday my daughter came running into the house and said there was a pool of small animals in it. It was a gray squirrel, I guess I was looking for a glass of water because it was so dry here. I picked him out with the grid and off he ran.

I would recommend Intex pool on the ground for anyone who has children and entertainment needs on hot days. If you think you are not deep enough for fun where you are wrong. I have friends who have in ground pools and they have said they will never have another pool more than four feet. They believed it was one waste of money because most people only play in the water, not diving. Besides the beauty of these soft-sided pools at the end of summer can simply drain and keep it for winter.

Next year I'll buy the 18-foot model that is 4 feet deep for older children can fuck in it more. Price of these groups is very low in what concerns me about $ 500 for the largest. I paid $ 84 for mine and includes the pump. You framed intex pools can get in larger sizes, but it's too much work for me.

Carry Stalz writes information articles for http://www.decorativewaterfountains.com mostly about water fountains, gardening and choosing water features for your yard. This review was written in hopes that other people that are on a tight budget could still provide loads of summer fun for their kids this summer.

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