Pool Chemicals Aqua

By · Monday, December 7th, 2009

Pool Chemicals Aqua
How can I get left out if I can not see them?

I have an above ground pool, in the past month have poured more than $ 300 the value of products chemicals in it. The pool has remained cloudy and aquaculture in color. The group of people who say the chemicals are balanced. I got in the pool on Saturday, and realized that it is of leaves and dirt on the bottom. I vacuumed out waste (which looked like mud). I was surprised, and is still cloudy. How can I get the remaining debris if I can not see it? I tried with the network and can not catch anything, but the vacuum picked up, but started my obstruction the filter. Thanks for the help and advice you may have.

You have to let it settle to the bottom again, and vacuum again. A constantly running water filter is the only way to get to the particles.

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