Leisure Time Spa

By · Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Leisure Time Spa
Is it bad that a woman wants to take a vacation alone?

I asked my husband if I can take a vacation by myself or with a friend to destress and he got mad saying there was never want to go anywhere without me, how could I think of a vacation without him. I need some time to myself for not being a wife and a mother not just relax. I'm not talking about a trip around the world, maybe 3 or 4 days at a spa. I do not understand much free time for me. My husband suffers from chronic pain and a lot of time, it is difficult to be near him, because the pain makes him act as if you were mad at me added to my stress.

Not bad … Volume holiday weekend with some close friends at least once every two months and at least one week each summer my friends and I go on a road trip or cruise together. Ever hear the saying "The distance makes the heart grow fonder" … True! There are times when want to "kill" my husband after a few days without him and I miss him terribly.

Leisure Time Pool & Spa

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