Chlorine Test Strips

By · Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Chlorine Test Strips
How can I increase the filtration of the pool?

How do I increase my pool filtration and where can I get the test strips for pH balance? Is the pool shock chlorine in account? is that this is more of a question, but I really need help for this group of green color occurred in one night! Thanks to all who are helping!

– Well, to answer your question about how to increase the filtration of the pool, the first thing you need to know is what type of filter you have, filter cartridge or sand filter? Each type of filter has an easy cleaning process – Filter Cartridge: Clean Thouroughly with a nozzle garden hose, to put a filter in the correct position between the spray booms in cartridge or ribs in a downward motion to vacate debree. Once filter is clean, you can use any brand of cleaner cartridges in your local pool, or a mixture of TSP (tri-sodium-phoaphate) that is a degreaser, and U can take this at your local hardware store, and a bit of shock fluid (chlorine), then add a little water in a barrel or bucket 5 gallons, soak filter overnight and will be as again in the morning. Then just rinse with a garden hose. – Sand filter, pump Hide Shutdown turn multiport handle to backwash, backwash for 1 minute, turn the pump off, turn multiport handle to rinse, rinse for 30 seconds, turn the pump off, turn back to handle filters and you should notice a big difference in filtering. (Repeat the steps twice if necessary)-DE filter, use the steps in the process of washing of sand filters first, if that dosnt work use of cleaning process to clean cartridge filter to filter out. Works well. – To answer your question is considered chlorine pool shock, it is chlorine pool shock, liquid and powder and tablet form, but there is also a form of shock chlorine is not good to use when there is heavy use of bathroom. – The green water is mostly either by filtration, lack of disinfectant (chlorine), and the water is unlikely to be balanced correctly, also not to use algaecide to prevent algae growth will be a green pool. your local pool shop should have free water test, which checks water balance using a computer, is also a good place to pick up the strips.

chlorine test kit

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