Calcium Hardness Increaser

By · Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Yes, pool chemicals are different sometimes. But mort of the time are the same. Most of the chemicals purchased in retail outlets have basically the same ingredients inside. Common chemicals, such as clarifiers, algaecides, the increasing and decreasing pH, alkalinity of the growing, increasing calcium and chlorine and bromine reducers are basically the same from brand to brand. Chlorine, trichloro tablets are basically the same from brand to brand. Some of chlorine 89% of the marks available status, other 90% state.

The difference comes into play when a feeder tablet chlorinator () is used. Some of the most Cheap tablets can disable the units. Bromine tablets are basically the same from brand to brand. Calcium hypochlorite is basically the same from brand to brand. What are different enzyme-based products. There are literally thousands of different enzymes for industrial and health needs. Each enzyme is made differently from other manufacturers. Enzymes do the job of an effective removal of oils, foams and other typical elements of the pools have to deal.

Where you can find various chemicals is of companies that make their own chemicals. For example, there is a difference in some clarifiers. The clarifiers most common name mark only work with positive and negative ions. Others work in every pool cloudy. Defoamers is another good example. Most defoamers are silicone based. Only work temporarily. There are some products on the market which are enzymes and clarifiers. These products actually eliminate foam in spas. Another example would be the agents not chlorine shock. Some only remove chlorine combined inorganic, organic and eliminate some of inorganic combined chlorine.

Most pools should negotiate with commercial companies that specialize in commercial pools. The chemistry needs are different, much more complex.

Bill Soukup is President of Commercial Pool & Spa Supplies, Inc., and a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) instructor.

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