Automatic Pool Chlorine

By · Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Automatic Pool Chlorine

Chlorine can have its advantages. But what people do not know is that chlorine can become a disadvantage, especially when it comes in contact with your body, inside and out. Despite the dangers of chlorine in swimming pools, owners have a very good reason why they got their water with chlorine.

First, if used in low concentrations, chlorine can effectively kill any bacteria that can live in water in a very efficient and rapid manner. Then, if at higher concentrations, has the ability to kill algae that can live on the side of the pond. Bather wastes are broken down by chlorine is known as skin oils and scales and lotions.

With all these advantages, pool owners are looking at the side where the chlorine becomes the enemy and body modification of each function. So far, there have been reports on the different hazards in contact with high or low level of chlorine.


According to studies, THMs or trihalomethanes regarded as environmental contaminants and is also directed to be carcinogenic. It results from the combination of compounds chlorine and water which are organic. There is less chance for these chemicals to degrade and when inside the body, are found in fatty tissues.

So what happens? It seems right to harmful? Wrong.

When you start thinking in the fatty tissues can be considered as a mother's breast that produces milk. These chemicals are stored at the base of the breast milk of mothers, which can also be found in certain body fluids – semen and blood. When this comes into contact with the body, may cause some mutation that has the ability to suppress immune function and interferes with the growth and development of new cells.


Chlorine is considered one of the chemicals that can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. You know that chlorine is doing a good job in killing microorganisms in swimming pools if you have a sense of blurred, burning eyes. It can also detect a type of odor is not normal, with running water. Studies show that chlorinated water can cause skin irritation that may be associated with eczema.

Chlorinated water may have the ability to damage vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are typically located inside the body and be seen as essential to the condition healthy body. Chlorine also has the ability to produce toxins that can generate harmful free radicals. Realizing that your skin is very irritable because of pool water, this can be undone by the supplementary diet. Chlorine also has the ability to aggravate some skin diseases that already exist, such as psoriasis, seborrhea and acne.

It does not stop there. There are still many reasons why chlorine is considered a dangerous compound. He referred to other health problems that are associated with melanoma, bladder and breast cancer and bowel movements difficult. In children, the early development of asthma may be cause for concern. On the other hand, studies show links between chlorine and cardiac anomalies.

The dangers of chlorinated water to people who are rising and others still are innocent of the bad effects of it. Chlorine can be good and be potentially serious if not avoided, nor taken into consideration.

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