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By · Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Tub Nude Naked

During the crisis in just over our borders with the War on Drugs in Mexico, we've been seeing a gradual escalation of border crime here. Many who favor the legalization of marijuana I think we should legalize marijuana, regulate and tax it. They say this effect would weaken the drug cartels and removing an effective product bands important to them.

That's ridiculous, as drug cartels, have all sorts of other more dangerous drugs to win money with them and they are ruthless, they're everywhere and they know exactly what they are doing. In fact, if you are a border city chief of police and not on the payroll drug cartels, their life expectancy is something like three days now.

Yet many in the U.S. who want to see the legalization of drugs will say, "the solution of our government is declaring war on drugs and that does not seem like he's working."

They realize, of course, there are people they like the way things are, controlling large amounts of money flows, and love the fact that the government takes away the competition in the illegal drug trade? In As for marijuana, I do not smoke, and do not really care one way or another, but the THC in high-quality marijuana is bad for the human body.

If we allow pot be legalized, there are plenty of other social services, legal and health problems that go along with it. As for the legalization of marijuana to stop drug war in Mexico, well, that's not really the plot of the best in the world, though not surprising to legalized marijuana advocates are using. Think in this.

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