Swimming Pool Recliner

By · Friday, September 4th, 2009

Swimming Pool Recliner
Describe your perfect lazy day?

My perfect day is lazy (in order) to wake up without my alarm box (the dream as much as I want, but are somehow at 5 in the morning when I wake up lol), swimming in a pond empty as the pool when the sun is about to get up, shower, eat, watch sitcoms in my reclining chair in my pajamas eating cheese flavored pretzels, watching a good movie while drinking wine, going for a ride in the afternoon before PCH the sunset, go to an outdoor restaurant with a nice view of the large beach, drive back home and read an interesting book, a look at some more sitcoms, drinking wine and fall asleep What about you?

My perfect day is lazy … Waking up at least at noon in one end big fluffy bed. With millions of pillows and a huge dildo pen. Only when I wake up. Awakening Then when I do, I have a bit of bacon, hash browns and chocolate chip waffles hot chocolate. After breakfast I would like to check the computer for, you know, normal things before the day begins. So I and some friends would the beach to ourselves. Relax, tan, read some books on Nice and the occasional swim to cool off. Have a good lunch with them. Around sunset, when the air is growing cold that wants to hurt me and my friends to have a huge jacuzzi to ourselves to sit and talk. Maybe I spend a few hours writing. Watch a movie and then fall asleep again when I wanted.

Sims 3 House #1- Woodside Part 3/3 Furnishing- 1870’s style

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