Nude Naked Nudist

By · Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Nude Naked Nudist

The reputation of the nudist beaches of the Greek island gained momentum when hippies 60s let it all hang out on the southern coast of Crete. Beach Resorts, and Matala, Prevali attracted Sougia and "free love" crowd that included Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. Some, only with flowers in her hair and nothing more, continued the trend of "flower power" and "find themselves" when they returned every year to vacation in Crete and other Greek islands.

Today there many nude beaches in the Greek island of Crete, where naturists can still find the "textile free" nude beaches of your choice. Officially, the bathroom nudist is not allowed anywhere in Greece and the Greek islands, but a blind eye to discreet nudity.

Must all teens (and perhaps the man older) to fantasy vacation in a place where the beaches contain nubile young naked women playing with beach balls and frolicking on the beach, completely naked. No white parts in the program just perfectly tanned, very young women naked.

Unfortunately, reality versus fantasy is a strong contrast. Fallen, wrinkled skin, stocky, hairy men, aging, north-European, middle-aged, are the inhabitants of the beach more likely in the nudist beaches of the Greek islands. The aging hippie men seem to outnumber women three to one, and women who are on the beaches nudists tend to be equally aging, sagging, overweight, hairy and wrinkled!

For serious naturalists, rather than simple voyeur beach Crete nudist scene is not a problem because they are happy just to have freedom of undress. They love the clear water safe, warm and crystalline, the soft golden sands, the safe and isolated environment, beautiful scenery of exotic palm forests, rocky coves and mountain backdrops. They love to come to Crete and find they can enjoy of naturism and naturist beaches in Crete without restrictions.

But for all those teenagers who dream of fancy boy nude beaches full of beautiful girls naked, and then in the dream!

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