Inflatable Pool Float

By · Friday, August 21st, 2009

Inflatable Pool Float
Frogs in the pool? ?

As soon as the sun sets, tons of frogs invade our pool and companion of their heads. I have asked before here and found no good solution. So after researching I have tried, tested and found an impressive solution that does not harm the frogs. I bought on eBay: GIANT 6 FT INFLATABLE SNAKE NATURAL ENEMY new scarecrow. It worked! I bought 2 in case something happens to one of them. I just float in my pool at night and no more frogs. I hope this helps all of you who have had the same problem. The names of the sellers is zombieemt They have now returned to my neighbors yard, which has with 2 small ponds. I know that as my pool is free from frog and hear again. They are very strong and I can hear my neighbors yard.

Ooh, that's good know. We have always had frogs, but remains at the Koi Pond, where, you guessed it, a friend of their heads. It's good to have tadpoles, though!

Excalibur Motorized Inflatable Pool Lounger – Item: 236-869

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