Beach Pool Party

By · Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Beach Pool Party
ideas for birthday party 13 years old?

I really want is fun. Max PPL .. problems. I've done 20: beach party, party pool, spa party can cost a bit. but not as expensive outragously or no? 13 is a great year for me .. so I need a great party thanks guys!

omg im having my 12 b-day party (about 13) and so this is what im doing (depending on whether r only have girls or boys and girls) can have such im children, so basically I'm just like get a cheap dj playing all my favorite songs, is going to be outside with footballs and soccer balls and those things are going to have a pinata (lol), water balloons, and only cold but its going to be soooo much fun! Maybe you can get some ideas from me! I hope helped

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